Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to do the retreat portion of the training via the online classroom? 

We have designed this training to make it as accessible as possible for people with families, careers and other commitments. Even though the online classroom is an excellent tool for most classes, there are some things that can only be taught in real life. For that reason, we have packed all of the hands-on-in-real-life work for our opening and closing retreats. We do not offer an online option for the retreat work.

Is it possible to do the online portion of the training in real life?

Our Saturday classes are broadcast via live video from our Yoga Church teacher's homes and studios from locations all over the United States, Europe and Canada -- so there is not an "in real life" option for our Saturday classes. Our students join from their homes, hotel rooms, offices and or vacation spots from around the world. 

I have already taken yoga teacher training - should I still take this training?

Every Yoga Teacher Training is a little bit different, but I can honestly say that this one is completely different than anything you've ever taken. There are about 20 hours of the program that might be an asana review for you. Other than that, every one of the two hundred hours of this training teaches yoga AND coaching. It's a completely different way to work with students. Life coaching isn't just a module within this training; it's an intrinsic part of every class. This training will be an incredible asset to any yoga teacher, regardless of what previous training they have taken.  

I have already taken life coaching training - should I still take this training?

Every life coach training is a little bit different, but I can honestly say that this one is completely different than anything you've ever taken. Depending on your original training there might be up to 10 hours of review for you (or there might be zero). Other than that, every one of the two hundred hours of this training teaches yoga AND coaching. It's a completely different way of working with a client. Yoga isn't just a module within this training; it's an intrinsic part of every class. This training will be an incredible asset to any life coach, weight loss coach, money coach, or wellness coach, regardless of what previous training they have taken. 

Will this training certify me to TEACH YOGA? Or only to use yoga as a coaching tool?

This is a 200 hour training, and YES, this training does certify you to TEACH YOGA. After completing the program, you will have your 200 Certification and will be qualified to teach yoga. That said, this is a specialized style, so unless you have a strong personal practice in other styles, you may not feel comfortable teaching stronger practices such as ashtanga or vinyasa. However, you should feel very comfortable teaching therapeutic, trauma sensitive and restorative classes.

Will this training certify me to be a LIFE COACH? Or only to use coaching as a yoga teacher?

The industry of life coaching isn't as regulated as the industry of teaching yoga. Anyone can hang a shingle and call themselves a "life coach." There are also hundreds of trainings that profess to train you to be a life coach. A few of them are outstanding, and many of them are a giant waste of time. This training will teach you HOW to coach. How to help your clients in real and impactful ways. By the end of this training, you will feel comfortable coaching clients via phone, video or in real life and you will be able to do it with or without incorporating yoga.

How much time should I expect to invest each week?

This training is designed for busy people who have careers, families, or other commitments. The partner work, class observation and reading can be done according to your own schedule each week. The online classes will be held two or three Saturdays per month from 6-8:30 am pacific and then from 9:30 am-noon pacific. In addition, you will have partner work (1-1.5 hours per week), reading (1 hour) and class observation work (1-1.5 hours per week).

What happens if I miss class?

Attendance is recommended for both retreats and for all online classes. This is a training designed for adult students and we trust that you will take responsibility for your own learning experience during the course of the training. We highly suggest that you make every effort to attend training hours live, yet we also understand that life, work and other commitments can come up during the course of a six month training. For this reason, online classes are recorded and are posted for one week after class, for trainees that might not be able to attend live or for trainees that might want to re-watch class. 

Does every student qualify for certification?

We understand that students take trainings for many different reasons. Some want to be certified and some are just there to deepen their practice and to enrich their own personal growth. Enrollment doesn't guarantee certification. To be certified as a Yoga Church Life Coach and Yoga Teacher, students will need to participate in all required classes, retreats, homework, partner work and will need to pass teaching final at the ending retreat. 

What is the difference between yoga coaching and yoga therapy?

Yoga coaching is a truly integrated system of working with the mind, body and the soul. Yoga coaching can take place in a one-to-one setting or in a large class. Private sessions can be geared toward any emotional issue, habit or behavioral pattern that a client wants to work on. Whether someone wants to lose weight, pay off debt, find more freedom in their life, launch a business, strengthen their relationship or just feel more presence in their life, yoga coaching blends the two modalities: coaching (mind work) and yoga (body work) to help the client find their own inner guidance. Yoga Coaching is focused on wellness and on seeing the individual as whole and capable.

Yoga therapy hovers somewhere between a doctor’s visit and a stretching class. Yoga therapists work in small groups or private sessions, addressing specific health problems and adapting poses accordingly. Sessions resemble an appointment with a physical therapist or rehabilitation specialist more than a typical yoga class. 

Is your program certified through Yoga Alliance?

We have found Yoga Alliance's guidelines to be constraining and, in the end, to be a hindrance to our program and to the education of our students.  At the heart and soul of our work, our intention and purpose is not aligned with Yoga Alliance. For this reason, we are no longer involved with Yoga Alliance.

Our work is incredibly specialized and we've found (over the course of our teachers going out into the world) that this work isn't best served in a standard studio. Studio teachers are grossly underpaid (as little as $25 a class) because of the extraordinary expense of running a studio and the flooded market of typically trained yoga teachers. Our teachers are teaching in hospitals, barns, retreat centers, gatherings, board rooms and hotel suites (and making upwards of $300/hr). 

Basically, we are a tribe of rebels. We are bringing this new way of coaching, this new way of teaching, this new way of using yoga into the world as an underground, grassroots movement. And our students LOVE us for this. And your students will too.

Please understand that we have nothing against studios or teachers with typical trainings. We love standard classes, standard trainings and yoga teachers of all types. We go to every style of training and class that we can get our hands on. That said, our work isn't typical - it's specialized and to create the best outcome for our teachers and for our trainings, we need to have the freedom to teach in alignment with our integrity.

What this means to you: at the end of training, you will become a Certified Yoga Teacher as well as a Certified Life Coach. You will not be "RYT" (Registered Yoga Teacher) which is what you'd be if you paid Yoga Alliance their annual membership fee after training ends. If you want to read more on this -- we found this article very helpful. We completely understand that you might only want a training to receive an "RYT." If so, our program is probably not going to be a good fit for you.

I'm trying to make travel arrangements, any suggestions?

Our retreats provide an ideal setting for relaxed study, with time between sessions to digest and absorb learning. Located in Avila Beach near San Luis Obispo, a scenic town nestled in the coastal mountains of California’s Central Coast, this pristine environment is bike and hike friendly, with a delightful mix of cafes, shops, beaches, trails, and hot springs for non-class time. 

Yoga Church is 8 miles from San Luis Obispo Airport (SBP). We are about four hours north of Los Angeles (LAX) and four hours south of San Francisco (SFO). We recommend lodging at Avila Village Inn, a beautiful boutique hotel in the same village as our retreat center or at Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort, also within walking distance. If you want an ocean view room, we recommend Dolphin Bay Resort (2.7 miles away) or Avila Lighthouse Suites (1.5 miles away). There is taxi service from and to the airport or you may want to rent a car and lengthen your stay to see nearby Morro Bay, Pismo Beach, Hearst Castle or Big Sur. During your visit, we recommend making time to enjoy the Bob Jones Trail, a beautiful bike path adjacent to True North that runs along the creek to Avila Beach (1.5 miles from beach to True North). There are a few food options within our village, Woodstone Marketplace andThe Oasis Grill within Avila Bay Athletic Club. Whole Foods market is 6 miles away in San Luis Obispo.


All sales are final. No refunds will be issued for any reason, but you are free to transfer your registration to another attendee.