Master Training

Master the art of life coaching and teaching. This master course will build on your Yoga Church Teacher Training foundation. You will learn the necessary skills to set you apart as an outstanding teacher and coach so that you can bring your dharma effectively and brilliantly into the world. Upon completion of this training, you will be eligible for Master Life Coach Certification.

You'll learn:

  • teaching mastery: create unique, meaningful and inspiring classes week after week; reliably and effectively access and trust your intuition and inner creative genius; find your voice a leader that inspires others and helps them to transform their lives.
  • coaching mastery:  gain the confidence, knowledge and skills required for high-level coaching and teaching; find clear direction for your dharma by using money, body or relationships as a powerful gateway to create meaningful and lasting change for your clients.
  • business mastery: step into the arena as leader; learn how to bring your dharma into the world and how to market yourself in both the yoga and coaching communities (via blogging, newsletters and podcasts) to continue to build your practice

This is a rare invitation to go behind-the-scenes to see how the 'magic' is created. You'll receive intimate, personalized instruction and feedback within a group of like-minded allies. This training is open to Certified Yoga Church Teachers, upon acceptance of their application.

Choose a Dharma Path

Each Dharma Path focuses on a common (and marketable) problem. Whether it's money issues, body issues, recovery or relationship issues -- these are the areas where most clients are desperate for help and willing to pay money to receive it. We suggest choosing the Dharma Path that speaks to your own history and healing.

Money Love with Meadow DeVor: Our relationship with money mirrors our relationship to life itself.  At its root, money is a representation of value, worth and energy. This Dharma Path will focus on healing our relationship to money, work and self-worth. Learn to help clients find true wealth through financial recovery and abundance.

Brave Love with Pam Clark: Healing every relationship starts first with healing the relationship to yourself. This Dharma Path will focus on healing Codependency (The Disease of the Lost Self.) Learn how to help clients come home to themselves and reclaim their worth so they can form healthy and lasting connection with those in their lives.

Soul Food with Laurie Beard: Our ability to honor our bodies is foundational to loving ourselves and leading a fulfilling life. This Dharma Path will focus on healing our relationship to body, food and eating, and our ability listen to our deepest intuitions. Learn to help clients find true health through the Yoga of Eating, food sobriety and body love. 

Depth Recovery with Laura McKowen and Shelby Messenger: Recovery from addiction requires a deeper understanding of how to integrate mind, body, heart and soul. In this Dharma Path you'll learn ways to help to enrich your client’s recovery as we delve into how to navigate the difficult aspects of life one faces on this path. Learn tools that will help your clients to bring unconscious processes into conscious awareness which, along with the rest of the curriculum, will aid them on their path to creating a more integrated recovery.

Training Dates

Core Classes:

Wednesdays 9:00 - 10:30 am pacific

  • May 3, 10, 17, 24, 31
  • June 14, 21
  • July 12, 26
  • August 2, 16, 23, 30
  • September 6, 13, 27

Enneagram: Self-paced online course.


Dharma Path Session 1 Classes 

Brave Love (Pam):  Fridays 7:00 - 8:30 am pacific

  • May 5, 12. 19, 26
  • June 2, 16, 23
  • July 14

Depth Recovery (Shelby and Laura): Thursdays 10:00 - 11:30 am pacific

  • May 4, 11, 18, 25
  • June 1, 8, 15, 22, 29
  • July 13

Money Love (Meadow): Self-paced 50-hour online course. 


Dharma Path Session 2 Classes 

Soul Food (Laurie):  Mondays 10:00 - 11:30 am pacific

  • July 24, 31
  • August 14, 21, 28
  • September 11, 18, 25

Money Love (Meadow): Self-paced 50-hour online course. 


Our core curriculum covers  tools and training to help you master the art of life coaching, teaching and soul-based business. Each Dharma Path is designed to specifically teach you how to work with students and clients with a specific focus. 



$4900  Due upon acceptance. Payment plans available.


Master Training Application deadline is March 10, 2017. To receive your application, please submit your email below.

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