Master Training Curriculum

Yoga Church Master Training is an immersion into your dharma. It’s an integration of your inward journey and your outward expression. It is designed for coaches and teachers ready to devote themselves to this work. The bar will be high. You will be challenged. And you will discover aspects of yourself and dormant capabilities, explore how you are meant to bring this work into the world and build confidence as your knowledge and trust deepen.

Retreat Training

Join us on retreat as a Master Team Member and work behind the scenes with Meadow and the Yoga Church team. Experience our retreats from a completely different perspective, pow-wowing with the teachers and leaders to help create the best learning environment for our students. Get a confidential and up-close look at how retreats are organized and led. Be an integral part of the teaching team. (Some of our most valuable policies have been suggestions and ideas that have come from Master Coach trainees!) You can join us at a teacher training retreat (as part of your registration fee) and/or at a RRetreat hosted by Meadow and Laura (for an additional and discoutned RRetreat registration fee). We have limited spaces open for these team spaces, so please let us know ahead of time which event you'd like to be part of.

Certification Requirements

To be eligible for certification, you will

  • Attend at least one retreat as a Master Team Member
  • Complete one of the following projects. 
    • Create a Product: possible examples include but are not limited to a digital course or workshop, ebook, series of audios, workbook, online yoga class series
    • Develop a Blog: create and publish a blog with at least 10 entries
    • Develop a Podcast: create and publish a podcast with at least 10 episodes
    • Build a Newsletter + List: build a list of at least 50 emails and create (and send) at least 5 newsletters
    • Your Own Proposal: previous students have designed and led workshops, retreats and other inspiring projects as part of their project
  • Provide documentation of 30 paid coaching hours
  • Complete and pass the Submission/Evaluation of a Yoga Coaching session

Core Classes

  • The Enneagram (Pam and Meadow) in-class lecture as well as a 20-hour self-guided online course
  • Building Your Practice Through Creating Consistent Content (Meadow) guide to newsletters, blogs, social media and podcasting
  • Maintaining an Editorial Calendar (Meadow) how to create an editorial calendar that makes class design (theming and sequences) effortless
  • Effectively Delivering a Message (Meadow) how to communicate clearly your message through various channels
  • Master Level Thought Work and Shadow Work (Meadow) deep exploration of coaching tools through the Enneagram 
  • Productivity (Meadow) how to get shit done quickly and how to stop procrastinating 
  • Leading Groups (Meadow) how to lead groups "in real life" compared and contrasted to facilitating online discussions 
  • Wisdom and Power of Dream and Metaphor (Meadow) a master level look into myth and metaphor work
  • The Healing Intelligence of the Body (Meadow) a master level look into the voice of the body
  • Marketing Yourself Authentically (Meadow) soul-based marketing that creates a win-win for you and your clients
  • Developing Your Business Plan (Meadow) designing a one-year and five-year plan for your body of work
  • Coach the Coach Practicum (Pam) deepen your skills, access your intuition and fine-tune your craft as you master the tools with support and feedback 


Dharma Path Classes

One dharma path is included as part of registration, but you are welcome to sign up for more at a discounted rate. 

Depth Recovery - Taught by Shelby and Laura. Learn ways to help to enrich your client’s recovery as we delve into how to navigate the difficult aspects of life one faces on this path. Learn tools that will help your clients to bring unconscious processes into conscious awareness which, along with the rest of the curriculum, will aid them on their path to creating a more integrated recovery.

  • Sacred Marriage: (Shelby) Masculine and Feminine. How to integrate and heal the masculine and feminine energies within one's self.
  • Addiction and the Enneagram: (Laura) How to approach addiction patterns and recovery through the lens of enneagram types.
  • Archetypal Guides:  (Shelby) How archetypal energy supports or holds us back on the recovery path.
  • Emotional Sobriety: (Laura) Working with the core concepts of emotional sobriety to heal and grow in relationships.
  • The Healing Symbols: (Shelby) Dream Tending. Exploring dreams, images, and symbols that support us on the recovery path
  • Healing Trauma & The Chakras: (Laura) Using the chakra system to understand and heal trauma.
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT): (Shelby) How to use "tapping" to work with trauma, overwhelming emotions, cravings, and more!
  • The Power of Ritual: (Laura) The physiological, psychological, and spiritual impacts of ritual, routine, and habit.
  • Relationships in Recovery: (Shelby) In-depth boundary work. How to navigate changing relationships.
  • Addiction/Recovery and Dharma: (Laura) Addiction and recovery as a gateway to deeper purpose.


Brave Love - Taught by Pam. Discover and heal the beliefs and pattens that are preventing full intimacy with and unconditional love of yourself and the important people in your life. Learn how to get to the root of what is causing suffering and preventing intimacy in your clients. Understand relationships through the lens of the Enneagram and the Chakras. Learn how to guide clients into full acceptance of self and bravely open to love. 


  • Finding Center | Coming Home: How true connection with others begins as an inside job. Explore why we leave “home” and practice bravely coming back again and again. 
  • Compassionate Shakedown: Uncover the things we carry- patterns, beliefs, old stories and learned love. Bring it all into awareness to release what's blocking intimacy. Learn to compassionately honor sadness and grief. 
  • As-Is: Release judgment, guilt and toxic shame and cultivate a welcoming internal environment where you feel loved and at home. 
  • Making Peace: How to truly forgive yourself. Learn to integrate all parts of who you are, what you’ve done and where you’ve been. 
  • Securing Your Home: Discover what is sacred by exploring anger and protect it with healthy boundaries. Cease and desist tolerating and harboring resentment by honoring your truth. 
  • Giving and Receiving: How true generosity is a balance of give and take. Dismantle patterns of care-taking, enabling and over-giving by engaging clear and honest intentions. 
  • Ruling Your Realm: Step bravely into sovereignty. Learn to identify and ask for what you want and need. Become the curator of your energy, time and space.
  • Brave and True Expression: Find your voice. Learn why we pretend and hide. Embrace your innate creativity and style and come into full expression of your truth and beauty. 
  • Home Love: How to take extraordinary care of yourself and have your own back. Learn to respond to your wants, needs and preferences with support, comfort and kindness. 


Soul Food - Taught by Laurie, this course focuses on helping our clients heal their relationship to body, food and eating and to help hone their ability to listen to their deepest intuitions. Learn to help clients find true health through the Yoga of Eating, food sobriety and body love. 

  • Introduction to the Yoga of Eating , the Yoga of Movement and True Health: learn how to apply these three tools to your clients' eating, weight and health struggles to help them go to the core of the issues beyond weight and food.
  • The Wall of Props (how to use them + teach them): learn how to use and teach our clients seven key props to support the elevation of our relationships with our bodies and food.
  • Setting the Table: Learn how to eat in a way that feels good to your body, not your mind and learn how to teach your clients how to eat through conversation and yoga.
  • The Three Relationships + The Bermuda Triangle of Eating: Learn the three key relationships that play into our eating patterns and how to heal them through escaping our Bermuda Triangles of Eating.  
  • Sovereignty + Body Love: Learn the truth of our essential nature which is embodied in the concept of "sovereignty," becoming clear what sovereignty means for our bodies and our food choices, and how this leads our clients to the greater reality of Body Love. 
  • Addiction, Food + Healing: Learn the addiction inherent in our disordered eating habits and unsupportive body-related choices and how to lead your clients into recovery and healing.
  • The Yoga of Movement: Learn the Yoga of Movement, which teaches us how to rethink physical movement as much more meaningful than mere exercise and how to guide your clients toward conscious choices for moving their bodies.  
  • Tips for Using Our Body Dharma Tools with Your Clients: Learn practical strategies for working with the top-five most common issues your clients will bring to you and how to deliver the relief and results your clients expect from you. 

Money Love - A 50-hour online course taught by Meadow. Learn at your own pace, according to your own schedule. Master the art of money coaching as a powerful way to help your students and clients transform their relationship to money, to cultivate a deeper sense of self-worth and to live a life of meaning and purpose.

  • Money Coach Training - a self-paced 8-week audio course that includes lecture, tools, discussion, tons of coaching examples. Money Coaching changes people's lives. It's important, emotional, spiritual and financial work. This training is intense. There are weekly reading homework assignments (book list is posted within the course) as well as daily journaling prompts.  It balances pragmatic money, budgeting and goal-setting tools along with more spiritual and emotional and "woo" components of this work.
  • Money Love Workshop - a self-paced 6-week money-makeover audio course that will radically change your relationship with money
  • Money Love Workshop Teacher Training - a 3-week audio course designed to teach you how to facilitate the Money Love Workshop 6-week program for your students and clients 
  • Worksheets and Client Prompts - a robust archive of printable coaching questions, client worksheets and money coaching prompts to use with your students and clients
  • Money Love Materials - book, workbook and audio book all in one place
  • Money Coaching Recordings - 7 pre-recorded money coaching sessions with real people presenting with real money issues
  • Bonus Money Classes - 11 pre-recorded money classes with innovative topics, live discussion and quick improv spot-coaching in each class
  • Bonus Money Group Coaching Classes - 2 pre-recorded money group coaching classes with live discussion and real-life examples of money coaching in a group