Laurie Beard

Yoga Teacher. Master Life Coach. Teacher of Yoga Fire.

Laurie is a believer in the healing power of beauty, nature and yoga. Laurie discovered her first self-development book at 14 and entered her first yoga class at 19. The combination of self-development and yoga have transformed her life. Their daily practice allow Laurie to live a joyful, sober life and to heal her history of trauma, abuse and addiction. 

Laurie is a certified life coach who left her career as an attorney at a Manhattan-based law firm to open her life coaching practice in 2009. She has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Self Magazine, Jezebel, Myology Inc., Bespoke Magazine and other in-print and online publications. She worked with Hildebrandt Consulting as well as other corporate clients and law firms as an Executive Facilitator Coach and life coach.

Laurie found yoga in 1999 and trained (and healed) through the Yoga Church Teacher Training. Laurie is incredibly fortunate to have studied under extraordinary teachers, including Meadow DeVor, Seane Corn, Martha Beck, and Havi Brooks. Laurie is extensively studied under Meadow, and is a student of Money Coach Training, Mentor Training and Yoga Philosophy Teacher Training, as well as the Yoga Church methodology.

The Yoga Church method is the most instrumental methodology for Laurie’s personal healing. Her first class uncovered repressed memories of childhood abuse, the discovery of which has led to radical healing. Because of this, she teaches the Yoga Church method in her own class, Yoga Fire.

Laurie teaches Yoga Fire each week in her studio in Atlanta, Georgia. She lived and traveled all over the world before she returned to Atlanta where she was born and raised, and now lives with her patient husband, her sassy toddler and two happily spoiled dogs. She loves to write, to spend time outside with her family and to laugh and cry and share stories with her students and friends. Read more about her here.