Pam Clark

Yoga Teacher. Master Life Coach. Teacher of Inquiry Yoga.

Pam is all about truth and beauty. She believes your life is your art- that bravely living the full-expression of your truest self is not only beautiful, but also your greatest gift to the world. She has always been a seeker of truth, but as a recovering codependent-people-pleaser, has struggled with accessing it. It wasn’t until she connected the mental with the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of being that she finally began to know her truth. Not only to express it, but also to use it as the most reliable, full-on navigation for life. 

Yoga brought all of these things together for her. She believes yoga can do this for you, too.

Pam’s Inquiry Yoga classes infuse yoga practices with mind, body and life integration. Her private Satya Sessions blend body-based healing with masterful coaching. Her students and clients come to her to connect deeply with themselves and their own depth of wisdom, so they can navigate their lives with clarity and trust - and in doing so, reveal their innate beauty. Pam will challenge your preconceived notions, hold sacred space, guide you to wholeness and witness your truth with compassion and grace.  

She is a certified life coach and yoga teacher with two RYT-200 certifications. Her coaching, yoga and meditation studies have led her to work with some amazing teachers including Meadow DeVor, Martha Beck, Jill Satterfield, Sofi Dillof, Emily Garrett and Janet Stone. She is trained in (and has experienced personal healing with) the Yoga Church Method. 

Pam teaches weekly Inquiry Yoga classes in a beautiful restored barn in Vermont. She is on the staff at two local studios, teaching a variety of styles and Inquiry-Yoga themed series. She lives in the Burlington area with three incredible humans (her husband of many years and two teenagers,) a wise yellow lab and a delightful kitty - all of whom are her greatest teachers. Pam is an avid board-gamer and homeschooling advocate, with an eye for color and an uncanny ability to manifest beauty. She loves cooking a (vegetarian) feast for exuberant eaters and deep thinkers, snow days and all things Pearl Jam.   Connect with Pam here.