Tam Weber

Registered Nurse. Master Life Coach. Certified Money Coach. Yoga Teacher.

Tam has been a Registered Nurse since 1983 and has always believed strongly in the power of the mind-body connection to heal and maintain health. As a leader, teacher and entrepreneur, Tam's nursing experience has included directing a hospital-based Cancer Program and Intensive Care Unit. She has been an adjunct faculty member at a variety of colleges and universities teaching nursing students. For the past 18 years Tam has been co-founder and executive partner at Beacon Home Care, a Michigan-based company which provides health care in the home. In the spirit of entrepreneurial creativity, a joy for hosting parties and her passionate love of coffee, Tam co-founded Sail Away Café in 2007. This cool, costal vibe 30-seat downtown gathering place invites people to find nourishment for body and spirit, drink awesome coffee, eat wonderful organic food and celebrate special events.

Tam grew up in a family steeped in alcoholism where the unspoken mantra was "don't talk, don't trust, don't feel". She assumed her role as the responsible child very early and was a natural when it came to learning the ways of co-dependency. Her childhood and teen years were filled with lots of shame, sadness and isolation and very little self-esteem. Good news in this was a constant hopeful message she got from her parents and grandma, "You can be and do anything you want in life".  Believing the truth of this, Tam's healing journey began in her early twenties. Counseling, reading self-help, attending Adult Children of Alcoholics meetings and growing a personal spiritual practice were some of the ways she found to face depression, job burn-out, emotional eating, forty extra pounds, and some bad relationships. Learning how to talk, to trust and to feel continues at a whole new level and many years later with Life Coaching and Yoga Church.

Tam is a newer student of yoga, believing wholeheartedly in the Yoga Church Method as the bridge to connect the mind, body, soul and emotion to facilitate true healing. She is a spiritual seeker and student of the shamans and wayfinders. Tam has studied extensively with Meadow DeVor including Money Coaching, Mentor Training and Yoga Church Training.

Tam has a passion for life, the water, nature and animals. A runner for 37 years, she has always been active outdoors and athletic. Formerly a college softball player and now an aspiring surfer, she loves Lake Michigan and every ocean she has ever met! Tam lives in Michigan and is a grateful partner, daughter, sister, aunt and friend.